Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Unable to connect my Blackberry 8820 to Netgear wireless router?

Cause: If your router has a beacon length over 340 bytes (e.g. WNDR3700, WNDR3400), you may experience a problem connecting your Blackberry 8820 (maybe some other models too) to your wireless network.   This is a limitation on the Blackberry device, not the router.
Please choose 1 of 2 work-arounds provided below.
1. If you are using a mix-mode security (WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK), switch router's wireless security
mode to WPA2-PSK(AES) only.  
     a. Login to your NETGEAR router (see How do I login to my router?).  
     b. Go to Wireless settings menu.  
     c. Change Security option to WPA2-PSK(AES).  
     d. Click 'Apply' button.

2. Disable WMM (WiFi Multimedia) in your router.  
     a. Login to your NETGEAR router.  
     b. Go to QoS setup menu.  
     c. Uncheck 'Enable WMM' option to disable.  
     d. Click 'Apply' button.
     e. Connect your Blackberry to the wireless router.
     f.  Go to QoS setup menu.
     g. Check 'Enable WMM' option to enable WMM feature.     
     h. Click 'Apply'button.
Note:  This solution applies to almost all Netgear Wireless Routers and Modems. Once you have connected your Blackberry device to the wireless router, you can enable WMM or switch back to mix-mode security.

Friday, December 25, 2009

DG834G and VPN

The Latest firmware version is :

This article applies to:
DG834 and DG834G (versions 1 and 2) firmware v2.10.22 and up
All references to the DG834 also apply to the DG834G. The only difference between the DG834 and the DG834G is the Wireless 802.11G access point built into the DG834G.
The VPN Wizards may differ slightly from router to router.

Gateway to Gateway VPN Configuration
(Also called a box-to-box configuration)
The purpose of a Gateway to Gateway VPN tunnel is to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) network between LAN with no interaction necessary to the PCs on either side. No VPN client software is required on any of the PCs on either side of the LAN.
This type of VPN is often used for remote office connections to a main office.
The recommended procedure to quickly set up a VPN tunnel between the DG834 and the FVS318v3 is to use the VPN Wizard from each device’s web browser configuration window.

Before you start, you will need some basic network information.
IP LAN and WAN addresses on both sides.
The network pre-shared key that you will use to authenticate the VPN endpoints to each other. In the following example, netgear123 is used for the key.
Once you have this information, all you need to do is login to each router and enter the correct information into the appropriate fields of the VPN Wizard screens.
The article will be updated soon

Sorry for the delay.
Hope the document helps.